C. J. Harrold1, J. T. Guthrie2* and L. Lin2
1PPG Industries (UK), PO Box357, Rotton Park St., Birmingham, B16 0AD 2The Department of Colour Chemistry, The University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9JT


The containment of less aggressive fluids (fruit juices, dairy produce) in cellulosic carton-board materials has been achieved for some time with considerable success. More recently, attempts have been made to contain the more fugitive liquids (paints, inks, oils, detergents and additives) in similar carton board structures. Factors related to the successful containment of 'aggressive' fluids have been investigated and various conclusions drawn. Also considered are the transport behavioural characteristics of fluids that success in penetrating the internal barrier of the carton assembly. This has allowed re-definitions of the concepts associated with damage and failure for a wide range of composite fluids.