Matjaž Krajnc, Janvit Golob, Aleš Golja, Roman Burja
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Ljubljana
Matevž Ložar, Slavko Flajs, Marko Grčar
Belinka Perkemija, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The article presents basic physico-chemical and process parameters, which are important in capacity enhancement design of the hydrogen peroxide production The limiting steps in the greater production, taking into account the existing production plant, are oxidation and extraction. The oxidation is a moderately slow reaction occurring mainly in bulk liquid, whose rate is affected by the mass transfer across the liquid film. Therefore, both interfacial area and liquid hold-up should be maximized in the industrial reactor. In the extraction process, the idea of pseudo equilibrium line is introduced. It was found out that knowing transport coefficients and interfacial area is not enough to predict the process in the extraction column.