Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis of the Fragment BPC 157 of Human Gastric Juice Protein BPC and its Analogues

Zlatko Pflauma and Rudolf Ručmanb
a Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d., Kolodvorska 27, SI-1234 Mengeš, Slovenia
b Diagen d.o.o., Sp. Gameljne 72, SI-1211 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Human gastric juice contains protein BPC, which exhibits a wide range of biological activities. The 15-amino acid fragment (BPC 157) and its analogues were synthesized using SPPS on a preloaded Boc–Val-HYCRAMTM polymeric resin (the combination of Boc- and Fmoc-chemistry was used) and a preloaded Fmoc-Val-SASRINTM polymeric resin (the Fmoc-chemistry was used). Yields, chromatographic purities and costs for synthesis of equal mmolar amounts of compounds on both polymeric resins were compared.

Key words: SPPS, BPC, peptides, Boc, Fmoc