Ecofriendly Synthesis of Novel Antifungal (Thio)Barbituric Acid Derivatives

Mazaahir Kidwai,* Ruby Thakur, and Richa Mohan
Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, India
E-mail:; Fax: (91 11) 27666235

An expeditious solventless synthesis of novel Mannich bases of thiobarbiturates and barbiturates using montmorillonite clay under microwaves are herein described. This methodology eliminates the use of excess of solvent during the course of reaction. The reaction time is brought down from hours to minutes along with yield enhancement. The rate enhancement and high yield is attributed to the coupling of MWS with solventless conditions. Further, the role of montmorillonite K-10 clay is studied in the reaction and it is concluded that microwave assisted montmorillonite clay catalyzed reaction is the best in terms of catalysis as well as reaction and yield. All the compounds synthesized were screened for their antifungal activity against A. niger and A. flavus and found to possess good activity.

Key words: Thiobarbiturates, Barbiturates, Mannich base, Montmorillonite, Microwave,