Validation of the Method for the Determination of Dithiocarbamates and Thiuram Disulphide on Apple, Lettuce, Potato, Strawberry and Tomato Matrix

Helena Baša Česnik, Ana Gregorčič

Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Central Laboratories, Hacquetova 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia E-mail:,

The control of pesticide residues in agricultural products and food is important for the assurance of healthy food. During the period from 2001 to 2005 when the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia used to carry out the official surveillance of pesticide residues in fruit, vegetable and cereals, dithiocarbamates were most frequently found. This article describes the validation of the method which has been used for the determination since its introduction in 1999. The method is linear from 0.04 mg/kg to 5.0 mg/kg, the limit of detection is 0.004 mg/kg and the limit of quantitative determination is 0.013 mg/kg.

Key words: pesticides, dithiocarbamates, maneb group, GC-MS