Evaluation of the Hydration of Portland Cement Containing Various Carbonates by Means of Thermal Analysis

Roman Gabrovšeka, Tomaž Vukb, Venčeslav Kaučiča

a National Institute of Chemistry, P. O. Box 660, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
b Salonit Anhovo, Building Materials, Joint-Stock Co., SI-5210 Deskle, Slovenia

Portland cement containing a fixed amount of mineral admixtures (calcium carbonate or dolomite or magnesite) was hydrated at 60 °C for 7- and 28 days. Phase compositions were evaluated by thermogravimetric analysis and by powder X-ray diffraction. Measurements of surface area indicated the development of the hydrated microstructure. Detailed analysis of DTG decomposition profiles of portlandite and carbonate enabled the evaluation of certain admixture-related parameters concerning portlandite formation and also indicated the behavior of specific carbonates during the hydration process.

Key words: Portland cement, admixture, carbonate, hydration, TG//DTG, decomposition profile.