A Study of Chemiluminescence from Reaction of Bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)oxalate, Hydrogen Peroxide and Dithranol as Antipsoriatic Drug and its Analytical Application

Morteza Hosseini,a,* Shiva Dehghan Abkenar,a Mohammad Javad Chaichib and Mojtaba Shamsipurc

a Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Savad Kooh Branch & Young Researcher Club, Savad Kooh, Iran
b Department of Chemistry, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, Iran
c Department of Chemistry, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran
* Corresponding author: E-mail: hossiny54@yahoo.com; Tel.: +98-123-2236707; Fax: +98-124-5221208

The chemiluminescence arising from the reaction of bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)oxalate with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of dithranol has been studied. The influence of concentration of peroxyoxalate, hydrogen peroxide, dithranol, catalyst and temperature on the resulting chemiluminescence was investigated. The kinetic parameters for the peroxyoxalate- chemiluminescence of dithranol were evaluated from computer fitting of the resulting intensity-time plots. The activation parameters Ea, ∆H+, ∆S+ and ∆G+ were evaluated from temperature dependence of the fall rate constants. The chemiluminescence intensity is proportional to the concentration of dithranol. Based on these findings, a simple and rapid flow-injection chemiluminescence method has been developed for the determination of dithranol, which has been satisfactory applied in different pharmaceutical preparations.

Keywords: Peroxyoxalate-chemiluminescence; dithranol; bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)oxalate (TCPO); activation parameters