The (p,ρ,T) Properties and Apparent Molar Volumes Vφ of LiNO3 + C2H5OH

Huseyn Israfilov,1 Rasim Jannataliyev,1,2 Javid Safarov,1,2* Astan Shahverdiyev1 and Egon Hassel2

1 Department “Heat and Refrigeration Techniques”, Azerbaijan Technical University, H. Javid Avn. 25, AZ1073 Baku, Azerbaijan.
2 Lehrstuhl für Technische Thermodynamik, Universität Rostock, 18059, Rostock, Germany.
* Corresponding author: E-mail:
Phone: + 49 381 4989415; fax: + 49 381 4989402

The (p,ρ,T) properties and apparent molar volumes Vφ of LiNO3 in ethanol at temperatures T = (298.15 to 398.15) K and pressures up to p = 40 MPa are reported. The vibration tube densimeter method used during the experiments. The experiments were carried out at molalities of m = (0.12071, 0.26234, 60237, 0.97956, 1.83765, 2.62045 and 3.27773) mol kg–1 using lithium nitrate. An empirical correlation for the density of (LiNO3 + C2H5OH) with pressure, temperature and molality has been derived. The short form of equation of state was developed for the technical calculations. Apparent molar volume and thermal properties of LiNO3 in ethanol were calculated using the equation of state.

Keywords: Apparent molar volume, density, partial molar volume, vibration tube densimeter, isothermal compressibility, isobaric thermal expansibility, lithium nitrate