Enantioselective “Interrupted” Feist-Bénary Reaction Using Cinchona Ether Organocatalyst

Hui Chen, Ru Jiang, Qiao-Feng Wang, Xiao-Li Sun and Sheng-Yong Zhang*

Department of Chemistry, Fourth Military Medical University, 710032 Xi'an, China
* Corresponding author: E-mail: syzhang@fmmu.edu.cn

The asymmetric “interrupted” Feist-Bénary (IFB) reaction of α-haloketones with β-dicarbonyl compounds was promoted by cinchona alkaloid ether derivatives, to give optically active dihydrofurans. Various ether derivatives as organocatalysts were examined. The corresponding chiral hydroxy dihydrofurans have been obtained in excellent yields and moderate ees.

Keywords: Cinchona alkaloids; asymmetric catalysis; furan compounds; “Interrupted” Feist-Bénary reaction.