Extractive Properties of Synergistic Mixture of Hydrogen Dicarbollylcobaltate and N, N, N´, N´- Tetraisobutyl - 2, 6 - Dipicolinamide in the Water - Nitrobenzene System with Regard to Eu3+ and Am3+

Emanuel Makrlík,1,* Petr Vaňura,2 Pavel Selucký,3 Vasily A. Babain4 and Igor V. Smirnov4

1 Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Husova 11, 306 14 Pilsen, Czech Republic
2 Institute of Chemical Technology, Technická 5, 166 28 Prague 6, Czech Republic
3 Nuclear Research Institute, 250 68 Řež, Czech Republic
4 Khlopin Radium Institute, Research and Production Association, St. Petersburg, Russia

* Corresponding author: E-mail: makrlik@centrum.cz

Extraction of microamounts of europium and americium by a nitrobenzene solution of hydrogen dicarbollylcobaltate (H+B) in the presence of N, N, N´, N´ - tetraisobutyl - 2, 6 - dipicolinamide [T(iBu)DPA, L] has been investigated. The equilibrium data have been explained assuming that the cations HL+, HL2+ , ML23+  and ML33+  (M3+ = Eu3+, Am3+) are extracted into the organic phase. The values of extraction and stability constants of the species in nitrobenzene saturated with water have been determined.

Keywords: Europium, americium, hydrogen dicarbollylcobaltate, N, N, N´, N´ - tetraisobutyl - 2, 6 - dipicolinamide, water-nitrobenzene system, extraction and stability constants