Synthesis of Benzyl Triethyl Ammonium Tribromide and Its Application as a Highly Efficient and Regioselective Reagent for the Bromination of Activated Aromatic Compounds

Seied Ali Pourmousavi* and Parvin Salehi

School of Chemistry, Damghan University of Basic Sciences, Damghan Iran, P.O.Box, 36715-364

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Benzyl triethyl ammonium tribromide was prepared by oxidation of bromide ion with HNO3. The resulted tribromide was used as an efficient, regioselective, and recoverable reagent for the bromination of anilines, phenols and anisoles in good to excellent yields at room temperature.

Keyword: Regioselective bromination, anilines, phenols, anisols, benzyl triethyl ammonium tribromide, activated aromatic compounds.