Topochemical Model for Prediction of Corticotropin Releasing Factor Antagonizing Activity of N-Phenylphenylglycines 

Sanjay Bajaj,a Surinder Singh Sambi,a and Anil Kumar Madanb*
a School of Chemical Technology, G. G. S. Indraprastha University, Delhi-110006, India
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, M. D. University, Rohtak 124001, IndiaE-mail:

In the present study, the relationship between the Zagreb topochemical index M1c and the corticotropin releasing factor receptor antagonizing activity of N-phenylphenylglycine analogs has been investigated. The values of Zagreb topochemical index M1c of all the analogs involved in the data set were calculated using an in-house computer program. The resulting data was analyzed and a suitable model was developed after identification of the active range. Subsequently, a biological activity was assigned to each of the compounds involved in the dataset which was then compared with the reported biological activity. Accuracy of prediction was found to be 82.3% using the said model. High predictability of the model offers vast potential for providing lead structures for development of potent CRF receptor antagonist.  

Key words: topochemical model, Zagreb topochemical index, phenylphenylglycines, CRF receptor antagonist, topological