Spectrum-Like Graphical Representation of DNA Based on Codons

Milan Randić

Laboratory of Chemometrics, National Institute of Chemisrtry, SI – 1001 Ljubljana, Hajdrihova 19, PO Box 660, Slovenia

We consider a novel 1-Dimensional representation of DNA, which is based on graphical representations of the 64 triplets of nucleic acids on the periphery of the unit circle.  By using the polar coordinate of 64 codons (expressed in radians) four letter DNA sequence is transformed into a numerical sequence with no more than 64 different entries.   By depicting the 1-Dim representation (plotted on z-coordinate) and using the x co-ordinate as running index one obtains “spectrum-like” graphical representation of DNA.  The novel representation of DNA has some advantages over other spectrum-like 1- dimensional and 2-dimensional representations in using the same coordinates for the same codons thus avoiding computations of coordinates, which is characteristic of  the Jeffrey’s algorithm and graphical representations of DNA based on its modification .

Keywords: graphical representation of DNA, β-globin gene, table of codons, hilbert fractal