Some Programs for Reduction of Environmental Pollution in Slovenia

PART I: Prevention/Reduction of Industrial Atmospheric Pollution

Viktor Grilc

National Institute of Chemistry, Hajdrihova 19, SI-1001, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Some actions towards reduction of atmospheric, aquatic and terrestrial environment pollution with dangerous substances, emitted from various sources, especially industrial and municipal, on the national level of Slovenia are presented and critically discussed. National-level environmental prevention actions have been initiated mainly after integration of Slovenia into EU and transposition of the European environmental legislation into our law system. Industry contributes significantly to the overall pollution of the environment, especially in the form of emissions to atmosphere, water and soil, thus participating to the related global and regional environmental problems as well as affecting many local situations. Regarding protection of the atmosphere, primary concern has been devoted to the emission reduction of acid rain and greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds, persistent organic pollutants and dust particles.

Keywords: atmospheric pollution prevention, acid rain gases, greenhouse gases emission