Some Programs for Reduction of Environmental Pollution in Slovenia

Part II: Preliminary national list of dangerous substances for aquatic environment

Viktor Grilc

National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Hajdrihova 19, 1000 Slovenia,

Some actions towards reduction of aquatic and terrestrial environment pollution with dangerous substances, emitted from various sources, especially industrial and municipal, on the national level of Slovenia are presented and critically discussed. Industry and agriculture contributes mostly to the pollution of aquatic environment. Various intake routes are present: direct use of chemicals, emissions by wastewaters, air emissions and waste disposal. Most of surface and ground water bodies are affected. Regarding their protection, primary concern is given to the use of most dangerous substances and to the emission reduction of untreated wastewaters. A preliminary list of most dangerous substances for Slovene aquatic environment has been set up consisting 92 substances, based on exposure and immission data.

Keywords: aquatic pollution prevention, dangerous substances, national list