Extraction of Strontium Into Nitrobenzene in the Presence of p-nonylphenylnonaethylene Glycol

Zita Valentová,a Emanuel Makrlík,b,*

a V. Nezvala 758, 272 04 Kladno, Czech Republic
b Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Husova 11, 306 14 Pilsen,Czech Republic.
E-mail: petr.vanura@vscht.cz.

The extraction of microamounts of strontium by a nitrobenzene solution of hydrogen dicarbollylcobaltate (H+B) in the presence of Slovafol 909 (
p-nonylphenylnonaethylene glycol, L) as a synergic agent has been investigated. The equilibrium data have been explained assuming that the complexes HL+, HL2+, SrL2+ and SrL2 2+ are extracted into the organic phase. The values of extraction and stability constants of the species in nitrobenzene saturated with water have been determined.

Keywords: Strontium, nitrobenzene, hydrogen dicarbollylcobaltate, p-nonylphenylnonaethylene glycol, extraction and stability constants