The Use of Metal Phosphonates in the Removal of Anti Infective Organic Molecules by Adsorption Process

Amit Jayswal and Uma Chudasama*
Applied Chemistry Department, Faculty of Technology and Engineering,
The M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara 390 001, Gujarat, India

A novel hybrid ion exchange material of the class of metal (IV) phosphonate, zirconium hydroxy ethylidene diphosphonate [ZrHEDP] has been synthesized by sol-gel method. The material has been characterized for elemental analysis (ICP-AES), thermal analysis (TGA, DSC), FT-IR and X-ray diffraction studies. Chemical resistivity of the material in various media acids, bases and organic solvents has been assessed. The Na+ ion-exchange capacity (IEC) of the material has been determined and effect of heating on IEC studied. The sorption behaviour of medicinal dyes Acriflavin (AF) and Brilliant Green (BG) towards ZrHEDP has been studied at 313 K, 323 K and 333 K and kinetic and thermodynamic parameters evaluated. Adsorption isotherms [Langmuir and Fruendlich], breakthrough capacity and elution behaviour of dyes have also been studied. Sorption affinity of medicinal dyes towards ZrHEDP is found to be BG > AF

Keywords: Zr (IV) phosphonate, Inorgano/organic ion exchanger, hybrid ion exchanger, metal phosphonate, zirconium hydroxy ethylidene diphosphonate