Photooxidation of Salicylic Acid with TiO2 and Metal Coated TiO2

Tecush Mohammadi* and Asghar Zeini Isfahani

Chemistry Department, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran
* Corresponding author: E-mail:

Photooxidation of Salicylic Acid with bare TiO2 and metal-modified TiO2 has been studied in a stirred photochemical reactor that was cooled by a water system by irradiation with a 400 W high-pressure mercury lamp. The effects of the amount of copper and silver coated on TiO2 and of the temperature on the rate of oxidation have been investigated. An optimum loading of 5% Ag or 5% Cu was observed for photooxidation of salicylic acid.

Keywords: Photooxidation; salicylic acid; metal coated