The Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Behavior of Transition Metal Complexes Containing Nitrogen Heterocy Sulphur Donor Ligand

Ahmet Orhan Görgülü,a,* Hüseyin Çelikkanb and Mustafa Arslana

a Chemistry Department, Firat University, TR-23169, Elazig, Turkey
b Chemistry Department, Gazi University, TR-06500, Ankara Turkey
* Corresponding author: E-mail:;
fax: +90-424-2330062

1,3-di(2-methylpiperidino)propan-2-ol (ROH) was synthesized 1,3- dichloropropan-2-ol with 2-methlypiperidine. Potassium 1,3-di(2-methylpiperidino)propan-2-O-xanthate (ROCSSK) was obtained from the reaction of 1,3-di(2- methylpiperidino)propan-2-ol (ROH) with carbon disulfide and metallic potassium. All products were generally obtained in high yields. xanthate complexes of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(I) was synthesized in the medium water as [CoL2(H2O)2], [NiL2(H2O)2].2H2O and [CuL].2H2O. The novel xanthate ligand and its complexes were defined by FTIR, 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopies, elemental analyses, magnetic susceptibility and TGA techniques. [CoL2(H2O)2] and [NiL2(H2O)2].H2O complexes were subjected to cyclic voltammetry using Pt working electrode and Ag/AgCl (3 M KCl) reference electrode.

Keywords: Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(I) complexes, xanthate, cyclic voltammetry