Speciation and Isotopic Composition of Sulphur in Low-rank Coals from Four Slovenian Coal Seams

Martina Šturm,1,* Sonja Lojen,1 Miloš Markič2 and Jože Pezdič3

1 Department of Environmental Sciences, “Jožef Stefan” Institute, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2 Geological Survey of Slovenia, Dimičeva ulica 14, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
3 Department of Geology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
* Corresponding author: E-mail: martina.sturm@ijs.si

The abundance, distribution and isotopic composition of sulphur in low-rank coals from four Slovenian coal seams are presented. Samples were characterised as medium (1–3 wt%) or as high sulphur coals (>3 wt%), with the majority of sulphur occurring in the organic form. The isotopic composition of sulphur in coals in Slovenia was determined for the first time. It was found that δ34S varies between different coal seams, as well as between different lithotypes inside particular coal seams. This can be explained by different SO42– and Fe2+ availability and microbial activity inside the coal forming basin.

Keywords: Coal, sulphur, stable isotopes, lignite